Cold Chain Management

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Creapharm & Sodias experts can advise on the various solutions that best meet your needs at the lowest risk and cost.

Three basic options are available, which can be combined in a variety of ways:

  • Cold-chain carriers with limited temperature excursions
  • Express carriers with validated insulated shippers
  • Point-to-point cold-chain deliveries

For the best solution, several parameters have to be considered:

  • The destination countries and their local infrastructures
  • The shipment routes
  • Customs clearance requirements
  • The value of the goods
  • The availability of stability and excursion tolerance data
  • The constraints imposed by the clinical protocol

Creapharm & Sodia offers qualified logistics solutions (carriers, shippers and data loggers) for European and worldwide distribution. Our specialized project managers’ expertise has been acquired through long and extensive experience in this field.

We continually improve the quality of the solutions we offer for the transport of temperature-sensitive health products through risk analysis and by monitoring relevant indicators and the effectiveness of any action taken.
A number of prerequisites have been defined to ensure high-quality transport, including qualification of every service provider and resource used in the logistics chain.

Monitoring each link in the cold chain in this way enables us to provide cost-effective standardized and customized solutions that meet our clients’ specifications and avoid any risk to patients.

Cold storage capacity: over 700 m3

Clinical supplies are precious. Entrust them to pharmaceutical cold-chain specialists

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