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Creapharm & Sodia: comprehensive logistics solutions for clinical trials.

For more than 25 years, we have successfully managed thousands of studies, from Phase I studies to international Phase III or IV trials.

In addition to IMPs/IVPs and other study-related drugs, we manage supply chain logistics for ancillary supplies.

To ensure the integrity of your products, our facilities and worldwide network of depots are equipped with storage areas for any required temperature range.

We have high-volume storage capacities at positive (+2°C/+8°C and +15°C/+25°C) and negative (−20°C, −80°C) temperatures:

  • In Europe, at Creapharm & Sodia’s own storage sites
  • And in the US / Canada, South American countries, and Asian / Pacific countries, through our network of qualified depot partners.

Moreover, the products are stored in dedicated storage areas, depending on their status:

  • Semi-finished products awaiting packaging
  • Pharmaceutical quarantine area for products awaiting release
  • Finished products awaiting shipment
  • Secured room for controlled drugs, only accessible to authorized persons (pharmacists)
  • Expired products area
  • Returns

Our specialization in IMP/IVP supplies enables us to offer flexible and modular solutions.

For each request, we perform a risk analysis to identify the most suitable choice of carrier, shipping components, and distribution circuit, depending on the location of the investigational sites, temperature requirements, and the period of the year.

We work with our clients’ IVRS and IWRS systems to manage deliveries and returns, and play a key role in reconciliation at the end of the clinical trial.

Logistics software for traceability management and web access to the client inventory

International depot network

Extensive expertise in the transport of temperature-sensitive products

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