Over Encapsulation & Placebo Capsules

Comparator Supply Over Encapsulation & Placebo Capsules

Our GMP facilities and equipment are among the most powerful and versatile in Europe for blinding or over-encapsulation operations.

  • A GMP area of 520 m², classified ISO 8, including a sampling and weighing room and four suites with independent airlocks and air handling systems to avoid cross-contamination
  • The air handling and dehumidification systems enable precise control of relative humidity at any range down to 20%

We can provide solutions for over-encapsulation and placebo capsule production:

  • Automated or manual deblistering / unpacking, including comparator drugs
  • Semi-automated capsule filling (MULTIGEL or CAP 8)
  • Over-encapsulation of tablets and capsules
  • Any size and type of capsule available (coni-snap and DB capsules)

In collaboration with our partners, we can offer:

  • Development and production of active and placebo tablets
  • Development and production of active capsules
  • IMPD writing

Clients can also choose from our range of placebo capsule and placebo tablet manufacturing formulas, on which stability studies have already been performed.

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